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A Senergy deployment consists of a lot of advanced technology for managing file systems. This technology has evolved and been tested over many years of managing storage for millions of users around the world in many diverse and less than optimal customer environments. In a Senergy infrastructure, the Engine works in concert with an array of Agents to accomplish massive amounts of work efficiently. For example, Senergy is really good at moving lots of data around and preserving security and all the metadata, including more advanced constructs like Alternate Data Streams in NTFS.


Up until now, customers have only been able to exploit the power of this infrastructure through the use of various types of Management Policy definitions in the product.  For anything else, they have been relegated to using workstation tools and PowerShell scripts to do other work. In Senergy 6, a new Workload interface allows customers to inject their own workloads and harness the power of Senergy for their own purposes outside of Management Policy definitions.


With Workload, if you can produce a list of files or folders that you would like to move, copy, delete, set owner, etc, you can have Senergy do that work for you. These workloads could come as output from our own products like Galileo,  utilities developed by another software vendor, or from your own programs. It’s really that simple and that powerful. What’s more, Administrators can use this interface or can delegate these capabilities as appropriate to technical data owners in the organization and apply governance scoping rules to apply restrictions as necessary. In Senergy 6, common data operations are available to be used. In the future, the Workload interface will be expanded to include more advanced data and security operations.



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Automate your file system and security for high-value target folders, home folders, Windows profiles, and team collaborative storage for projects.