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How vulnerable is your data?

The prevalence of both internal and external data breaches is causing organizations to place greater emphasis on protecting their data. With more than 80 percent of an organization’s data being unstructured data, perhaps the most vulnerable area for a data breach is the network file system and the file servers and storage devices storing this data.

Condrey Corporation is a security analyst recognized leader in data access reporting tools who can help you address your security reporting needs through the following capabilities.

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Identify Who Owns Files

By generating ownership reports, you can identify the owners of every file on your network and then by consulting with these owners, determine if files are still relevant, if they should be moved to a more secure location, deleted, or archived.

View Assigned NTFS Permissions

Identify assigned and effective file system user permissions for all folders and subfolders from a specified network file system path.

Determine Who Can Access a Network Folder

For any high-risk or high-value folder storing sensitive information, determine all users who can access the folder, their effective permissions, and how those permissions are derived.

Determine All Folders a User Can Access

Identify all of the network folders, including those storing sensitive information, where a specified user has any type of direct or group-associated access permissions.

Compare Permissions between Two Points in Time

Compare current access permissions of a high-risk or high-value target with those from a previous point in time. Use this information to restore permissions so you are back in compliance.

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