Protection and recovery for data located on all of the high-value targets on your network

Recover Data Quickly

Safeguard the integrity and availability of critical data, so that when a ransomware event takes place that either corrupts your data or disables access to it, you have the means of recovering your data with minimal disruption.

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Protects High-Value Targets

Policies allow you to maintain protected nearline standby views of high-value target folders on your network. Designated data owners can view and recover files from the Epoch as it existed at a selected point in time.

Archives Data Quickly

Policies use an algorithm that archives high-value targets very quickly. The algorithm also determines which files have been modified since the last saved Epoch and only archives those modified files.

Protected Nearline Archiving

Epoch Data Protection uses limited read/write access to archive locations via proxies, rather than a potentially infected user account – a remedy for diminishing the threat of propagating the ransomware.

Easily Check the Integrity of Archived Data

From the Data Owner Client, a data owner can quickly check the integrity of archived files in an Epoch at any time—something that is much more difficult to do using a traditional backup system.

Granular View of Data

Viewing the contents of an Epoch is as intuitive and as detailed as viewing the contents of the file system using Windows Explorer.

View a Full Document Rendering before Restoring

This powerful feature lets you view the entire contents of a file from an Epoch to ensure that particular version of the file is the one you want to recover.

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