Keep IT Simple (KIS) is a privately held Network Solutions and Consulting firm headquartered in Fremont, CA. With one of the largest multidisciplinary consulting staffs in Northern California, KIS has been serving our clients (major corporations, education, and government organizations) since 1988. Unique at KIS is our partnership structure, which allows us to respond quickly to the ever changing needs of our clients, and easily manage the fast pace of technology in the IT industry. We work for our client at all times, not the OEM.

At KIS, we partner with the world’s leading technology providers to understand the latest technologies and implement the best of breed solutions in order to meet our Clients’ business needs. When we saw the way virtualization was going to reshape the future of our client’s data infrastructure in the next generation data center, KIS began to foster a new 6 year partnership with VMware as to provide you with proven virtualization solutions:

  • Server Consolidation that allows you to reduce costs by consolidating hardware, increasing server utilization, and managing your virtual infrastructure from a single point of control.
  • Virtualization Management that gives you the broadest visibility and deepest management of your virtualized datacenter, from development and test labs to mission-critical applications.
  • Desktop Virtualization, where you can configure, deploy and maintain hardware-independent desktop virtual machines from central locaitons for simpler users, desktop virtualiztion solutions deliver a familiar desktop experience that does not requre application sharing, software modifications or user training.
  • Business Continuity solution that allows you to eliminate planned downtime, ensure data protection, deliver high availability and be better prepared for disaster recovery.


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