Our Micro Focus Relationship

We began our relationship with Novell Inc., enjoying a long, healthy and mutually beneficial partnership, selling our software under the Novell brand. Recently, Novell has been brought into the Micro Focus brand portfolio, and that is with whom we continue our relationship as a development partner. We continue to offer our software directly to customers running Novell networks directly and through a network of resellers and solution providers. However, we also offer select software titles for non-Novell customers, principally those running Microsoft networks, which are in the marketplace alongside their Micro Focus-branded sibilings. 

Development Partner

For nearly a decade, Condrey Corporation has been developing software that has been resold or distributed by Novell, now Micro Focus. Working under a non-exclusive agreement, Condrey Corporation software is sold or distributed under the Micro Focus brand name through the Micro Focus world-wide sales force and partner channel community. Condrey Corporation's delivery responsibilities with these solutions include the architecture, design, engineering, development, testing, and back-line technical support of the software. To facilitate the sales process, Condrey also develops much of the training material that is used in conjunction with partner and customer enablement. Additionally, Condrey Corporation works with Micro Focus and field marketing to help develop the appropriate positioning and messaging for these software solutions within the purview of partners, customers, press, and industry analysts. In some circumstances, Condrey Corporation employees the help of Micro Focus to present the software products. This software currently includes Micro Focus Kanaka for Mac, Storage Manager, and File Reporter. The latter two are available both as individual products from Micro Focus and together as two of the three components of the File Management Suite.

Software Solution Provider for Customers Running Novell Networks

In addition to its role as a Micro Focus development partner, Condrey Corporation serves the Micro Focus community by providing Condrey Corporation branded solutions to Micro Focus customers. Over the past 13 years, Condrey has developed a number of software solutions that have built a loyal following of Micro Focus customers worldwide and the early work in this area led to the formal Condrey Corporation / Micro Focus relationship that exists today.

Condrey Corporation-Branded and Micro Focus-Branded Offerings for Microsoft Networks

Some Condrey Corporation software that targets Microsoft networks is available to customers under both the Micro Focus brand and under the Condrey Corporation brand. In each of these situations, the software available under both brands is functionally identical. Condrey Corporation is committed to:

  • Maintain and develop our relationship with Micro Focus
  • Reducing confusion in the marketplace for our customers
  • Enabling the best routes to market for our software

In order to meet the goals above, although the agreement between Condrey Corporation andMicro Focus is non-exclusive, Condrey Corporation has generally refrained from offering any Condrey Corporation branded software that targets Micro Focus networks and is also sold under the Micro Focus brand. Conversely, only deliverables that target Microsoft networks are currently seen in the marketplace as Condrey Corporation branded solutions in conjunction with their Micro Focus branded equivalents. Further, Condrey Corporation recommends to its partners and customers that maintain a contractual relationship with Micro Focus, to use that avenue to purchase the software targeting Microsoft networks.