Automate the Management and Protection of your Network File System Data
Automate the Management and Protection of Your Network File System Data

Automate data management to mitigate risk. Identity-Driven and Target-Driven policies in Senergy ensure that you’re always managing data assets properly. Senergy handles data privacy, rights and access analysis, data disposition, and protection of high-value targets through its policies.

Identity-Driven Policies

Based on user identity and role, provisions storage, assigns permissions, sets disk quota, performs data cleanup and more.

Target-Driven Policies

Through direct assignments to high-value targets, secures and protects data from unauthorized access, changes in access permissions, lost or corrupted data, and more./p>

Data Owner Task Management

Allows individuals familiar with the data to be notified of access permission changes, perform data recovery, or perform remediation of data located on high-value targets.

Keep Sensitive Data Secure
Keep Sensitive Data Secure

A series of security-based Target-Driven policies let you protect high-value targets from unauthorized access. Notification policies notify you when access permissions have been updated. Fencing policies restrict access to certain users and groups, and Lockdown policies prevent new users from being granted access.

Remediate the Location of Sensitive or Confidential Files
Remediate the Location of Sensitive or Confidential Files

Address compliance requirements for securing confidential and sensitive files by providing Data Owners the ability to remediate the location of these files. When Galileo is combined with Senergy, Data Owners have the means of importing reports and then remediating problems. Data Owners can either move the files to a more secure location, delete the files, or change the ownership of the folder where the files are stored.

Manage Data Lifecycle
Manage Data Lifecycle

Through Identity-Driven policies that you define, automatically provision user and collaborative storage for all users in your organization based on their roles. These policies perform on-going management and can even automatically clean up storage when a user leaves the organization.

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