EST Group is an IT solutions company, focused on providing integration and consulting services to clients looking to achieve efficiency and productivity throughout their work environment.  We specialize in automating business processes so that you are given the ability to have more time and money to focus on other efforts other that manually keeping up with day-to-day processes. We target four vertical markets to provide a wide variety of services, in a niche-oriented form, in order to provide specialized services that are tailored to specific needs.  The four vertical markets include education solutions, commercial solutions, government solutions, and healthcare solutions.  Custom solutions are designed, built, implemented, and managed by specialized EST Group engineers.  Specific needs are custom tailored to provide the most efficient solution for each vertical. EST Group solutions are designed, implemented, and managed by specialists who have trained in the specific field of expertise for each solution.  EST Group believes in hiring a specific set of experts per offered solution to provide the most advanced and dynamic services, without the hassle of the “learn as you go” method.


Office Locations (States): TXCO
Countries: United States
Categories: Solution Provider, Authorized Reseller
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