Epoch Data Protection

A Time Machine for Your Most Important Data

What if you could attach a time machine to specific areas of your network file systems and allow your users to use it?

  • Free’s up IT staff and resources that would typically be involved in restore processes
  • Gives you an insurance policy for your regular backup system for high-value-target folders
  • Empowers your users to be in control of their data
  • Gets users back to work more quickly on the data that is important to them
  • Gives you additional time granularity for high-value-target folders
  • Your users would love you even more!!!

Because Stuff Happens

Do your users ever...

  • Accidentally move or delete files or folders.
  • Unintentionally change the content of files.
  • Inadvertently lose data by overwriting files in shared areas.

Are you concerned that...

  • Security will inadvertently or incorrectly changed on folders and intended users lose access or unintended users gain access they should not have
  • Data will be maliciously corrupted or encrypted by malware or ransomware
  • Your primary backup systems will fail or restore processes are too complex and users will become disgruntled

Hitting the Highlights


Allow Line-of-Business leaders or end-users to view and access the file system as it appeared in the past, freeing up IT Staff.


A wizard-based UI tailor made for non-technical users makes it a snap to get critical business data back.


Advanced technology minimizes the footprint of data and security available for recovery.


Little to no resource impact on protected target systems.


Supports both data and security on any network file system participating in the network including NAS. Full data protection for files with alternate data streams.


IT controls which data is protected and to what extent as well as who is authorized to access and perform recovery actions.


Recover single files or entire directory structures in one click. Optionally recover security assignments alone or in concert with data.

You Know It's The Solution, Now Here's The Product.



Automate your file system and security for high-value target folders, home folders, Windows profiles, and team collaborative storage for projects.