File Access

Alleviate concern about network file security

Enhance Your Network Security

With access threats at the front of every IT staff's minds, it's never too late to ensure your education system's security by making sure the wrong people can't access students' private data. 

But what is often overlooked, is making sure that the right users CAN access the data they need. File Access means different things to different organizations, but it should never mean being unsure about security. 


Intuitive Mac OS X Interface for Microsoft Network Sharing

This next-generation interface enables instant connectivity and completely eliminates the manual efforts currently required to achieve such an effective level of integration.

Active Security Through Effective Group Management

If you rely on groups for granting security in your enterprise, ensuring that the right people are immediately in the rights groups is vital.

Solve Potential Security and Compliance Risks

Understand the security that you have in place today and take steps to closing holes and mitigating exposures. Answer auditor's questions quickly and easily.

Enable Web Publishing for Users and Groups

Eliminating IT involvement, users and department groups can manage and publish their own web content.

Remote, Web-based Access to Windows Folders

Have access to user and group share folders from remote, web-based locations.

Identity-Based File Permissions

File and folder permissions are based on user identity, ensuring the proper credentials before granting access.