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Take Your Data to School

Many people stretch themselves thin by building and running production networks in education, that's why we've built solutions that address real IT problems! Ensure the security of your students' information and the effectiveness of your institution's data management.  

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File Analysis & Data Management

Analyze, manage and secure your unstructured student data through graphical reports to identify access threats and major sources of ROT data. 

Data Lifecycle Management

Home folder and group storage provisioning for new students and faculty, relocation based on role and storage cleanup after student turnover. 

Secure Data Access

Ensure the security of sensitive student data, enable your users to remotely access and share local files, and connect Mac users to your Microsoft Active Director.  

Collaboration Solutions

Take management weight off of IT, and empower your users to securely share their data and collaborate with each other. 

Cloud Storage Solutions

Get the same powerful data analysis and management for your cloud storage, and access archived data that has been vaulted by Galileo. 

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