Data Owner Client

It's a win-win! Reduce your IT staff workload and empower your data owners.

What if you could partner with Line-of-Business data owners to achieve your compliance and governance goals and offload work from your IT staff?


IT is overworked and many times held responsible for things outside of their control. They need users to take more of an ownership stake with the care of their data. They want them to act as good stewards according to the policies of the organization. Business users want to be in control of their own data.

Information Governance is not solely the job of IT. Truly effective governance requires the involvement of people that “own” the data.

IT provides:

  • Framework
  • Guidance / policy
  • Tools

The business owner of the data provides:

  • Context
  • Insight
  • Value determination

The Data Owner client allows designated users, sometimes business-level users, to be involved in the decision-making about their data and empowers them to act on it based on policy.

What this does:

  • Free’s up IT staff and resources that would typically be involved
  • Empowers your users to be in control of their data
  • Allows the organization to meet compliance and governance goals

How it works:

  • Data Owners are designated DS users or groups
  • Specific Data Owners are assigned to High-Value-Target data locations by task/role
  • The Data Owner Client allows the Data Owner to perform tasks defined by policy
  • Features are dynamically enabled based on the types of policies and the user’s role and assignment as Data Owners
  • Data feeds allow the Data Owner to make informed analysis-based decision


My Data

Get a personal view of your recently accessed files. Quickly see what files you have accessed and where they are located. Making it easy to open them up and pickup where you left off.

Epoch Data Protection

Easily recover your files from a specific point in time. View a file before you recover to make sure its the one you want.


With Workload, if you can produce a list of files or folders that you would like to move, copy, delete, set owner, etc, you can have Senergy do that work for you.