We spent our last day of BrainShare 2014 meeting with a lot of attendees who decided to specifically set aside time to meet with us and learn about our products before leaving for home. It was great to talk to everyone today.

In addition to introducing people to our products, BrainShare has always been a means of helping our customers, and this year was no exception. For example, one Novell File Reporter customer recently found out that their organization's network has been infected with a crypto virus and needed to find out all of the affected files. Our Support representative was able to write a Custom Query for the customer right there at the conference. The customer ended up using the Custom Query and identifying the affected files. This same Support representative also helped another customer through another Custom Query that he wrote during BrainShare.

As always, BrainShare 2014 was another successful event for us and we look forward to following up in the next few days, with all of the opprotunities it provided us.