Time Machine sans Hot Tub

Spring Break 1986. Daytona Beach, Florida. More specifically, a place called 701 South at the Texan hotel, which was located at 701 S. Atlantic Avenue. For a college kid, 701 South defined epic. Look it up. We saw Otis Day and The Knights of Animal House fame take the house down after a stressful day on the beach. That was a great night. A few years ago when I saw the movie loosely referenced by the title of this piece, I thought about those guys using a magic hot tub to go back to the mid-80’s to relive their experiences and I thought about Otis. Yeah, I’d do that day again.
I believe everyone thinks about time travel, even if it is subconsciously. Sometimes it’s about reliving a great experience like the one Otis and I shared that night. Those are awesome. But sometimes we think about going back to a time before something bad happened. I’ve been working in IT or a long time now, and have had the pleasure of working with so many people and organizations as our customers around the world. Relevant to this particular topic, I know two things for sure. One. IT is overworked and many times held responsible for things outside of their control. They want users to be more aware of their surroundings and take more of an ownership stake with the care of their data. They want them to act as good stewards according to the policies of the organization. What is ironic is that the end users want the same thing. They want IT to give them the right tools and then get out of their way.
Two. As end users, stuff happens with our data and it is not always good. Sometimes it is inadvertent and our fault. We delete things we should not delete or make changes we did not mean to make. Hello, complex Excel spreadsheet full of formulas crafted by Jim, who is out for two weeks in Bora-Bora. Why is it broken now? Did I make a change? Or it’s Tuesday after lunch and all of a sudden the people in Finance can’t access their data anymore because someone changed the security by mistake. What changed? Other times it is intentional and someone else’s fault. Hello ransomware attack of the week that just chewed up the 2018 Q1 Sales numbers I spent all night on and are supposed to present to some important people in 90 minutes. Yeah, that happens. 
As an end user, right about then is when I’m thinking about that time machine, and it has nothing to do with Otis! I’m not Captain Taggart, but how can I deploy the Omega 13? But seriously, what’s the process and how long is this going to take? Is Bob from the backup team at lunch? When do the backups run? Oh man, maybe I should just try to fix it myself. Do I have time? Mom! 
This kind of stuff happens every day in organizations of every type large and small. If it’s really important, IT gets involved and hope their backup works. If you are an IT person you know what I mean. It’s ok to admit it; I used to manage that team and I know that tapes fail and jobs don’t always run when they should and files are occasionally held open by some mysterious force. Then you get to deliver the bad news. All the while, you have 65 other things that you need to get done and you know even if everything works right, it’s going to be an iterative process back and forth with the end user to confirm that the correct data is in fact restored and the security is correct. How long is that going to take? Aren’t these people ever satisfied, or at least appreciative? Now, I’m definitely thinking about Otis. If I could get back to that night in Florida, I would definitely change my major to Tourism and I would be managing the staff at the Four Seasons in Bora Bora right now instead of worrying about this stuff. Hey, isn’t that Jim over at the swim up bar? 
We don’t have to live this way. What if you could give your users a time machine and they could get their own data back? What if they themselves could use a simple wizard to put the security back like it was yesterday when those people in Finance could actually access their data? You would be happy, and so would they. They could right click on a spreadsheet and look at it from last Tuesday and two weeks ago and decide on their own which one they really need…and it’s probably both by the way. They could own their data and their own destiny. In addition, your team could get some work done. Wow. Forget happy, you would be a hero. Plus, you don’t have to get in a hot tub with a bunch of weird guys to make it happen.
This, my friends, is called Epoch Data Protection. Moreover, it is just one part of the new release of Senergy 6. In fact, it is just one part of a completely new set of Target-Driven capabilities at your disposal. A new Data Owner Client places power at the fingertips of the people that know the data best. These new capabilities allow you to put various governance policies in place directly against High Value Target data. These involve things like Data Location, Content Control, along with Data Protection, but those are subjects for another time. I just wanted to talk about time travel today but that other stuff is super cool too.
Let’s wrap this up by saying that this Senergy release is about two things; greatly expanding capabilities around governing data and empowering users, all to make your job and theirs easier. It is simple to deploy and you will be a hero literally in minutes. And there’s more where that came from….2018 is going to be a great year! We can’t wait to tell you about it. I am as excited about this release as I have been about any in the past 10 years. In fact, “It makes me want to Shout!” Just like Otis! Man, that was fun.

David S. Condrey

President & Chief Executive Officer, Condrey Corporation