What's the worst (or best) lie you've told to get out of a speeding ticket? 

This edition of Truth Be Told doesn't exactly follow the rules in answering our question, but then again neither did our storyteller... We'll keep these posts anonymous, but for the sake of the story we'll call our truth teller, Mark. 

Many years ago, Mark was living a few states over from the Condrey offices with his three roommates, who may or may not have been employees of an infamous sports bar known for its scantily clad servers. These roommates were in need of some extra storage for their things and knew that Mark conveniently had a storage unit about 15 minutes from their apartment. Being such a stand up guy, Mark agreed to let them use some space in his unit. But one night after Mark was well asleep; his roommates came knocking on his door, desperate to retrieve something from the unit. His inherent "good guy" quality kicked in and in his drowsy state, Mark went running out the front door (not taking the time to put on any pants over his boxers). The group raced down the road and unfortunately attracted the attention of the state patrol. When the officer asked Mark to step out of the car, his lack of clothing accompanied by his passengers raised some eyebrows from the officer and he was told to just "sit tight". The policeman returned to his vehicle, not knowing how to proceed with the situation, but after a short time he came back shaking his head and biting his cheeks to hold back laughter. Mark's comedic relief saved himself from a speeding ticket and points on his license; because the officer said it would just be WAY TOO much paperwork for him to fill out. 

Looks like a lie wasn't necessary for this officer, because "dressing down" the situation saved Mark from a very unwanted ticket.