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Some of the most significant enhancements since the product’s introduction.

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What's New In Version 6.0

Target-Driven Policies

Senergy 6 expands the concept of applying policy by introducing an entirely new family of policy types. This genre of policies allows customers to apply policy directly to the data in High-Value Target (HVT) folders on the network.

The Target-Driven genre allows for multiple families of policies in Senergy 6. These include:

  • Data Location Policies
  • Content Control Policies
  • Data Protection Policies

Each of these policy families can and will include multiple policy types. For example, there are different types of Data Location policies that allow customers to move or copy data in HVT folders. Content Control policies allow for actions such as grooming of data in HVT folders.

Epoch Data Protection

Epoch Data Protection policies allow customers to maintain nearline standby views of HVT folders principally stored in a network file system.  What’s more, advanced technology allows views of that data over time without data duplication and administrators can grant designated data owners access to these views. These Data Owners can view and access the view of the HVT as it existed at a selected point in the past.  Think of it as a time machine for the HVT.

Quickly recover file data as a result of:

  • Ransomware Attacks resulting in destroyed / encrypted files
  • Inadvertently corrupted, deleted, or lost files
  • Need for data in files as they existed at some point in the past

Easily recover security assignments because of:

  • Lost or destroyed security assignments
  • Inadvertently changed security assignments
  • Need to inspect security assignments as they existed at some point in the past  

Updated Admin UI

Senergy 6 includes an updated Administration UI that has been reorganized to allow logical separation of management to fit both Identity-Driven and Target-Driven paradigms. Additionally, the new UI included new dashboards and graphical elements that simplify administration. 


Senergy 6 includes an advanced scheduling system for Target-Driven workloads. With an Outlook-inspired UI, policies may drive action against HVTs at a designated time and optionally recurring on a regular basis.

Data Owner Client

A new modern user interface intended for empowering data owners and other types of end users. The Data Owner client provides a personal dashboard and a framework for allowing designated data owners extensible control over managing their own data. The Data Owner Client is the interfaced used in Senergy 6 to allow interaction with Epoch Data Protection capabilities. This interface will evolve with other similar capabilities over time.

Could you recover from a Ransomware attack?

With Epoch Data Protection Policies you can!

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