Senergy 5.0 Boasts Extended Capabilities and Updated UI

New Features Strengthen Condrey Corporation's Position as a File Analysis Market Leader

Greenville, SC -- Condrey Corporation announced today the immediate release of Senergy 5.0, a progressive update for its automated, identity-based, data management solution.

This version release comes with an updated management interface, extended capabilities for non-policy managed storage, Active Directory to Active Directory Cross-Empire Data Migrations, and more.

Condrey Corporation's CEO, David Condrey, said of the new release, "I'm really excited about sharing this update with our customers, not only because of the radical changes that have been made to the interface, but also because this is our first step towards expandingSenergy beyond policy-based management, along with our multi-forest support evolution."

This update comes on the heels of a rebranding that took place with Condrey's OEM Partner, Novell, who is now Micro Focus. This gave the Condrey Corporation team incentive to also rebrand the Senergy interface, while making a lot of improvements along the way.




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