Galileo 3.0 Release Contains Substantial Feature and Performance Improvements

New Data Analytics Tools and Performance Capacity Expand Product Capabilities

GREENVILLE, SC -- September 02, 2016 - Condrey Corporation announced today the immediate release of Galileo 3.0, a noteworthy development for its network file system reporting and analytics product.

This update has expanded Galileo's capabilities to include data analysis through its fully developed Analytics Tools. These tools include a new Dashboard, an enhanced Pivot Grid, and a Tree Map, providing the ability to view your file system data from a variety of perspectives. Network administrators can use these tools to make informed decisions about their network-stored data and how to better manage it.

Additionally the new .NET application, called the Scan Processor, allows you to generate even more scans and reports from these tools in a given amount of time.

"As a Condrey Corporation partner, we've had early access to Galileo 3.0 and love the graphical analysis that the product is now capable of delivering," remarked Carlton Owens ofBusiness Line Systems, "We're confident that our customers are going to utilize these data analytics tools right away."

Galileo will continue to evolve into a product that focuses more on analytics and data modeling, while furthering the ability to drive action and activity from the data.



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