Taking the IT Headache out of a New Hire

After weeks of resumes, interviews, call backs and contemplation, that highly sought after job position has finally been filled. So that means the hardest part is over, right? Let’s get cracking! But depending on whom you ask, you could be incredibly WRONG.

The HR department will tell you that there is a stack of paperwork to be filled out, entered in the system, and filed. Management will say that they have a series of training meetings, office tours and staff introductions ahead of them. But how does the IT department feel about acquiring a new employee? Their involvement in this process is often overlooked, and yet crucial to the daily functioning of their new colleague.

Think about it. You come into work in the morning – scan your badge, maybe enter a passkey, and then you walk into your office and sit down at your desk (if you didn’t pass Go and collect a cup of coffee first). Next you fire up your computer(s), and connect to the company’s network servers, downloading emails and opening files from local storage space. You’re updated on a project happening with the team in San Francisco and review a document just added to the collaborative storage area by your teammate. But let’s pause. How is all of this access permitted? Who defines the storage areas you have rights to? How are your storage space limits established? And in what dark cave is there a hunchback curled over a computer screen slaving away at keeping all of this maintained?

Well we’ll let you in on a little secret…it’s the IT department! No caves are involved, but on top of all their daily tasks, compliance regulations, network maintenance and efforts to streamline operations, they have to manage onboarding of new staff. When someone is hired, it’s their job to create that user, give them a home folder, define their network access, establish quota limits and make sure they aren’t filling up storage space with junk. But it’s not the new hire’s fault that all of this has to be taken care of, and onboarding shouldn’t be a constant headache. 


When someone new is hired, they’re being brought on to join an existing team. This team already has processes, volume shares and existing data. Wouldn’t it be great if you could achieve a zero day start for your new employee joining this team?? [Cue the product placement] With Senergy, you get the automated, identity-based solution that makes this possible! Some of the features include:

·         User storage permissions and access rights are assigned automatically, according to the user’s defined role in Active Directory.

·         Collaborative storage areas for sharing documents can be created for groups of cross-functional team members, which can also be assigned a quota limit.

·         A self-regulating file system, where network folders are automatically created, managed, archived and cleaned up.

But that’s just the beginning of this powerful data management software. Senergy can help you increase your organization’s efficiency, while cutting administration costs and better utilizing your IT staff. Senergy is even compatible with cloud storage!! Allowing the same great user and data management to be applied to your cloud network, along with the ability to create policies for vaulting and retention.

So quit hating on the new kid, they’re just trying to fit in. As an IT administrator, Senergy is the solution to end your data management headache.