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Enhanced controls and visibility around guest share management 

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What's New In Version 2.1

Designated Subfolder for Sharing

Limit which folder or subfolder under a user's Home folder is designated for sharing. 

Multiple User Sharing

Send a new share to more than one user at a time by entering multiple email addresses at creation. 

Share Status Visibility

New icons and details for Guest Accounts allow you to easily determine the status of a share, along with logs for last activity and last access time.

Global Address Book

Optionally, you can "search" existing registered guest accounts when creating a new share through an automatic search-as-you-type feature for entering email addresses. 

Audit Log Access

Internal users who provide shares may now access the file system audit log for those shares, providing significant insight into the share status and activity. 

Drag and Drop

Easily drag and drop files or folders that need to be moved within the same volume, instead of using cut-and-paste. 

Specify Retention Policies

Specify separate file system audit logging retention policies for Aurora internal users versus guest shares from Aurora .Ext. 

Guest Account Avatars

Guest accounts now display a user's public Gravatar image if available. Future releases will feature avatars for internal users the ability for external users to personalize their Aurora .Ext avatar.

Share Quick View

See where a share is located and access its content quickly with a pop-out window, displayed from your list of available shares. 

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