Cloud Integration

Get the same powerful data analysis and management for your cloud storage.

Elevate Your Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is an evolving component of many enterprise network infrastructures today, giving organizations more mobility in their network access. The ability to utilize third party data storage instead of purchasing more of your own is what makes it an attractive solution for many organizations. 

However, planning for a data migration to cloud storage can be both daunting and time consuming, requiring an organization to decide what information will be moved, how it will be used and its standard for retention. In essence, you need to have a garage sale before you move to your new house.

This requires analysis of your current data to understand what kinds of files are being stored along with their associated security. By making sure that you're only migrating neccessary data, your organization could be saving money on cloud storage it doesn't actually need. 

Reach Maximum Efficiency

Once your network data is understood and organized, you need an effective system to manage its migration to and existence in the cloud.  

So what if there was a way to have home folders provisioned, file lifecycles defined, user access rights established, processes for vaulting put in place, and the ability to meet compliance and retention requirements?

Good news! Now you can. The same data management solutions that we provide for on-prem storage can also be applied to your cloud storage. Don't just throw your valuable network data up to dry, make sure it's organized and managed immediately upon arrival. 


Save Time for IT Staff

With migration and management tasks automated by Senergy, IT staff save valuable time and energy.

Reduce Cloud Storage Costs

By recognizing and only moving your mission-critical files, you can save money on potentially excessive cloud storage space.

Enforce Data Compliance and Retention

Senergy enforces compliance to corporate policies pertaining to data access and data retention through vaulting in the cloud.