Give your IT staff the power to make things happen automatically, the way they should.

Put Your Business in Autodrive

The key to consistency in user and data management and security is automation. By defining rules about your management requirements in a policy and having that policy automatically applied by the network, you can acheive results that were previously unattainable. 

The policy engine in our products gives you the power to make IT actions happen the way you want them to, giving you the flexibility to change your mind later without all the headaches. 


Permission-Based File Management

Automation ensures that the right people have the right access to the right files through automated network actions surrounding user membership and security.

Groups Are Always Up-to-Date

Group membership is always accurate with automated updates, so everyone is setup for success.

More Effective Storage Management

With automation, stale, orphaned, and unstructured data, becomes a thing of the past through applied policies for grooming, deletion and retention.