File Analysis & Data Management

Get a handle on your data's management and security. 

"By 2020, 50% of all mid-size and large enterprises will have implemented file analysis for managing unstructured data, up from less than 10% today."*

*Gartner: “Market Guide for File Analysis Software”.19 September 2016 ?ref=activity



Protect the value of your business data.

Report on file system metadata for a complete profile of your network storage and associated access rights. Ensure compliant lifecycle management and automate network tasks based on identity and event-driven policies. 

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Gain File System Flexibility

With Senergy, you can define where user home folders and collaborative storage folders are created, how documents are managed within these folders, what rights are established, setup rules for vaulting and grooming data, and more.

Calculate Storage Usage Costs

Money is on everyone's mind. Galileo helps you to better leverage the infrastructure investments that you have already made and plan for the future.

Access Archived Data

Galileo reports can help you decide which files and "orphaned" folders should be deleted or archived.

End-to-End Understanding and Management

If you have deployed Condrey Corporation's Galileo enterprise reporting product, Galileo can report on the files and folders of the target paths of Senergy policies.

Identify Duplicate Files and Stale Data

Galileo reports can help you decide which files and "orphaned" folders should be deleted or archived.

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Future of Data Management: Industry Perspective From the CEO

If your school system is like most these days, it is both generating and consuming information at a fantastic rate, a rate that is only increasing. David Condrey talks about how to be most effective in tackling this data challenge and what lies ahead. 

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