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Every Industry Demands Data

 Data management needs aren't limited to enterprise size or growth. And the challenges that come with increasing data generation put a strain on compliance and governance requirements. Give your organization the upper hand it needs to manage data the right way. 

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Data Governance and Compliance

Data access permissions need to be managed so that organizations are in compliance with industry and government regulations. 

Data Owner Empowerment & IT Workload Reduction

To reduce IT workload, allow designated users, sometimes business-level users, to be involved in the decision-making about their data and empowers them to act on it based on policy.

Additional Protection Against Lost or Corrupted Data

Will your most important files be protected when your organization is hit with a ransomware attack?  With Epoch Data Protection policies they will. 

File Analysis & Data Management

Analyze, manage and secure your unstructured data through graphical reports to identify access threats and major sources of ROT data. 

Data Lifecycle Management

Home folder and group storage provisioning for new users, relocation based on role and user data deletion when necessary.  

Secure Data Access

Manage and Enforce Data Access for your Storage Network. Ensure the right people have access to the right data, at the right time.

Collaboration Solutions

Don't waste time downloading files from the cloud, or waiting to have them emailed to you again. Access documents directly from your local storage network, eliminate file size limits, and empower users to maintain an environment for group collaboration.<

Cloud Storage Solutions

Get the same powerful data analysis and management for your cloud storage, and access archived data that has been vaulted by Galileo. 

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