What's the worst (or best) lie you've told to get out of a speeding ticket? 

This edition of Truth Be Told doesn't exactly follow the rules in answering our question, but then again neither did our storyteller... We'll keep these posts anonymous, but for the sake of the story we'll call our truth teller, Mark. 

Well, what was expected to be the snow event of the year turned out to be nothing more than a light dusting for the Condrey Corp offices last night. Meteorologists in the upstate were confident in their predictions for upwards of 6 inches of snow in the area, but the storm system had other plans as it only delivered about an inch and a half of the fluffy stuff.
We're happy to be attending another Novell BrainShare. This year we are training, presenting product roadmaps, demonstrating our products, and participating in product sessions. Today we held a training session for the Novell SEs and Novell partners on Novell Storage Manager and Novell File Reporter. The focus of the exercises was the new features in each product. Following the training, we worked with the Novell SEs at IT Central, demonstrating Novell Storage Manager, Novell File Reporter, and Novell Kanaka for Mac, which has a version update scheduled for release this week.
Today's Keynote address at BrainShare 2014 was presented as "The Brain Show," a late night talk show with guests and a band. Among the show's guests were "authors," "film producers," and "chefs." David Condrey was one of three chefs in a cooking segment called "Cooking with Files." David demonstrated Novell File Reporter 2.5. He showed the most prominent new features in the new product release including Custom Query reports, the pivot table, and the heat map.
Tonight was Meet the Experts night at BrainShare 2014. Similar to past BrainShare Meet the Experts nights, there was a theme to the evening. We learned as we entered IT Central this evening that the theme was "Under the Bigtop" and that all of the experts would be wearing clown ties as part of the evening attire. Our location in IT Central was near some carnival activities that made the evening interesting.

We spent our last day of BrainShare 2014 meeting with a lot of attendees who decided to specifically set aside time to meet with us and learn about our products before leaving for home. It was great to talk to everyone today.