Condrey Corporation Listed as a Representative Vendor in Gartner 2016 Market Guide for File Analysis Software

Galileo 3.0 Release Contains Substantial Feature and Performance Improvements

New Data Analytics Tools and Performance Capacity Expand Product Capabilities

Senergy 5.0 Boasts Extended Capabilities and Updated UI

New Features Strengthen Condrey Corporation's Position as a File Analysis Market Leader


Aurora Version Update Looks Like An Entirely New Product

A New Interface And External Sharing Capabilities Introduced In Aurora 2.0


Issue 1

Curbing Unstructured Data Glut

Coming Soon: Aurora 2.0 with .Ext for File Sharing

The Future of Data Management: Industry Perspective from the CEO 

3 Senergy Features You Should Be Using

Take a second and think back to your first smart phone. It was shiny and new, full of potential and stacked with features that promised to make your daily life easier. But learning the ins and outs of the phone took time, and required just sitting down and using it. Still, no matter how well you thought you knew your phone’s capabilities, there were always features hidden behind the interface that you wish you’d known all along…

5 Ways Galileo Can Make Your Job Easier 

As a Network Administrator, you probably encounter daily network and user management headaches. Whether they come from onboarding, security threats, data retention or exceeding storage limits, these issues take you away from other important tasks that also need your attention.

Taking the IT Headache out of a New Hire

After weeks of resumes, interviews, call backs and contemplation, that highly sought after job position has finally been filled. So that means the hardest part is over, right? Let’s get cracking! But depending on whom you ask, you could be incredibly WRONG.