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Curbing Unstructured Data Glut

and Neglect with File Analysis 

Welcome to Our Future

If your organization is like most these days, it is both generating and consuming information at a fantastic rate, a rate that is only increasing. This growth is most prevalent in the area of unstructured data. Unstructured data is comprised of all the files that are created, shared, and stored by almost every person in your organization. They are the documents, media files, and other content that drive the projects and initiatives, which make up the lifeblood of your people and your teams.

This is one of a series of newsletters that Condrey Corporation is bringing you, featuring research from Gartner on how to manage the information that is most vital to you; your unstructured data files.

We at Condrey Corporation are all about files. It is our mission to help organizations manage and understand their file data. The growth of unstructured data presents management challenges that arise from handling the data glut that is produced out of data negligence; but that’s just the beginning. Compliance rules and governance requirements are driving organizations to be more concerned about effective security measures, along with relocation and cleanup. Policy is usually both internally and externally motivated, and good business management depends on appropriate application of policy. Perhaps this is different from the past, but it is definitely our future.

The good news is that we’ve have been focused on this developing problem for more than a decade, and we currently help organizations manage data across the globe for millions of people.  Gartner has now defined a market around our passion, and decided to call it “File Analysis”. We couldn’t be happier.

Gartner defined this market because people just like you are asking for guidance on how to be most effective in tackling these challenges. Our aim is to provide information on this topic, featuring research from Gartner, which we hope will be compelling and insightful.

For those of you who are existing customers, we anticipate helping you become more successful. For those of you whom we haven’t had the pleasure of working with yet, we are excited about creating a relationship to help you reach your goals. No matter where you fall, we look forward to our future. Welcome.

David S. Condrey

President & Chief Executive Officer, Condrey Corporation

Organizations Will Need to Tackle Three Challenges to Curb Unstructured Data Glut and Neglect

Alan Dayley  |  Debra Logan 

17 June 2015

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Condrey Corporation And File Analysis 

Understand Your Data and Take Action

Did you know that Gartner predicts the File Analysis market to grow at an average rate of almost 30% per year through 2018, and that this is by far the fastest growing segment of the storage software market? The reason for this is simple - this market solves real, relevant problems and many organizations are taking action today. These organizations are being proactive, and it just makes good business sense. Here’s why…

It's Human Nature to be Different, Unorganized, and Paranoid 

We are all data managers. Each of us has our own methodology for organizing the files that we individually create, or that are shared with us by others. But when left to our own devices, most of our efforts are no more than amateur. Last month we did things one way and this month our practices might be slightly different. This is why we struggle to find our own files, much less anyone else’s. To top it all off we live a life of paranoia, being too afraid to delete anything because we might need it one day. Coupled with our bad management methods, we also usually retain multiple copies, making it difficult to definitively determine which one is the latest.

Who Cares and Why

In most organizations, concern over these problems is no longer limited to the storage administrator. Compliance and governance officers are becoming involved, and CIO’s are being asked tough questions by auditors. Gartner analyst inquiries on this topic are at an all-time high and they are being driven by organizations in all sectors, from finance and government to education and healthcare. If you are a CIO, an Enterprise Architect, or working in Infrastructure and Operations, either you are currently being asked to solve these problems or you will be. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

Storage Is Cheap...Not Really 

One of the most prevalent myths is that storage is cheap. It’s easier to just buy more disk and let the whirlwind and the chaos continue. Yes, the cost of storage per gigabyte is lower now than it was just last month, but procurement is just the beginning of the cost analysis that organizations must do as good business stewards. However, the cost of managing the growing data is not decreasing, it’s increasing. As data piles up, it becomes more difficult to ensure that content is adequately protected. What would the cost of a data breach in your organization be for your most sensitive data? Perhaps the largest cost is one of business efficiency for the people in your organization. As data piles up, finding and efficiently using the important data is the digital equivalent of a hoarder’s house, making it harder for the people out there in your organization.

We want to help you understand more in depth, how we can help you conquer your data management challenges.