Coming Soon: Aurora 2.0 with .Ext for File Sharing

You’re probably familiar with the theory about the Six Degrees of Separation, which claims that anyone can be connected to any other person on the planet by six or less intermediaries – that is acquaintances or “friends of friends”. If this theory is indeed true, that means you can claim to have an “in” with the Queen, Mark Zuckerberg, and Kevin Bacon. With the explosion of social media and advances in mobile technology, these degrees seem to be getting even smaller.

The degree that is growing, however, is the distance that many of us find ourselves from our desks on a regular work day. Emails, phone calls, and online meetings allow us to keep in contact and share information while working remotely, but what about the files and data that are essential to doing your job - the documents that sit on your local Windows network file system? Sending and downloading large and/or multiple files can be a timely and complicated task that requires you to make copies of data and maybe even move it to the cloud - which compromises its integrity and takes up storage space. It might as well feel like you’re separated from your critical files by 6 degrees…

But what if there was just one single degree separating you from your work? That degree is called Aurora 2.0. Through a sleek and updated intuitive web browser interface, Aurora 2.0 gives authorized users remote access to their local network file system. This is ideal for effortlessly sharing research, training materials, documents, and other critical resources across multiple remote locations. Users can log in from their workstation, laptop, or mobile device, over a secure Web connection through any supported browser, to access what they need while away from the office. Aurora also enables system administrators to quickly establish which group shares are accessible to individual users through the Web management interface, as well as customize their organization’s Aurora interface.

But wait, we’re not stopping there... With the Aurora .Ext, you can extend the power of file sharing with those outside your school or organization; such as lawyers, architects, accountants, government organizations, etc. Through your Aurora browser, simply select a folder location on your local storage network to share with an external user. Enter the email address of the user, define their access rights to the files (full, modify, upload, download), and even set an expiration limit for the share. The recipient is notified via email and redirected to a customized online access portal, where they create a user account and verify their credentials. Once confirmed, they can access the shared files and collaborate in a location on your local network - with the same resources you’re already using!


Get Aurora 2.0 today, and never be separated by more than one degree again.


For more information on Aurora 2.0's release and opportunities for Beta testing, please contact Condrey Corporation today!