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Group objects play a major role in Microsoft network administration. It's primarily through groups that access permissions are granted. But with sensitive information in files residing on your network and regulations restricting access only to authorized users, it’s imperative that your group memberships are always accurate and up to date.

Condrey Corporation is a security analyst recognized leader in Data Access Governance who can help you meet your Data Access Governance objectives through the following capabilities.

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Real-Time Automation of Active Directory Groups

An Event Monitor service continually monitors any changes to a user object in AD and if these changes affect group membership as defined by the policy. If so, the user is automatically added to or deleted from the group.

Simplify Group Administration

Removes the need for manually managing group memberships while saving you time, eliminating human error, and reducing the risks associated with unauthorized access.

Manage Groups through Policies

By creating a policy for inclusion in an AD group, you specify the container where the user object must reside and attribute settings that the group member must have. You can also specify which users to always include and which users to always exclude.

Support All Active Directory Group Types

Manages group membership for both Active Directory group types: security groups and distribution groups. Additionally, supports domain local/built-in groups, domain global groups, and universal groups.

Strengthen your Data Access Governance Solution

Group membership management is part of a comprehensive Data Access Governance solution from Condrey Corporation that includes security access reporting, storage life cycle management, and protection of high-risk and high-value network locations.

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Real-time, Policy Driven, AD Group Membership Management

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