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Turn routine into robust - with automated, identity-based data management.

File System Flexibility

With Senergy, you can define where user home folders and collaborative storage folders are created, what documents are provisioned within these folders, what rights are established to these folders, when and where to vault a removed user’s home folder, and more.

Enforced Data Compliance

Senergy enforces compliance to corporate policies pertaining to data access and data retention.

Simplified Collaborative Development

Members of cross-functional teams can be granted personal folders within a collaborative storage network area for sharing documents within the group.

Reduced File System Administration Costs

By automating Active Directory tasks that are normally done manually, Senergy can save you significant time and money in annual IT administration expenses.

Cloud Compatible

Senergy can migrate your network files to cloud storage and manage the data once it's moved! It can also convert Novell file system rights and trustee assignments to Windows file system rights and permissions before you migrate.

Galileo Integration

If you have deployed Condrey Corporation's Galileo enterprise reporting product, Galileo can report on the files and folders in target paths of Senergy policies.

>> Learn more about the automated home folder provisioning and lifecycle management of Senergy. 


Identify the unstructured and unsecure data taking up space on your network, so you can maximize efficiency. 

Manage Storage More Effectively

Understanding the relevance and size of data being stored can help you make better decisions about usage and growth, and improve file storage management.

Calculate Storage Usage Costs

Money is on everyone's mind. Galileo can make sure you have enough space for necessities like data retention, and reduce storage costs being spent on what's futile.

Enhance Data Security and Compliance

Quickly generate file system security reports to identify access threats, view individual user file permissions and ensure IT storage policy compliance.

File Monitoring

Improve your Active Directory management and know when files were last accessed or modified.

Identify Duplicate Files and Stale Data

Galileo's Active Directory reporting tool can help you decide which files and "orphaned" home folders should be deleted or archived.

Cloud Compatible

Galileo can analyze and report on your cloud storage files too! 

>> Learn more about the data analysis and reporting capabilties of Galileo 


Unleash the collaborative potential of your team - with remote, identity-based access to your mission-critical files.

Remote, Web-based Access to Windows Folders

Have access to user and group share folders from remote, web-based locations.

Automatically Mounts Storage

No need for login scripts, Aurora automatically mounts all storage without them once a user has authenticated access.

Easy-to-Use, Intuitive Interface

Web browser based management interface

Eliminate the Need for Email Attachments

This soon-to-be released module will provide file sharing capabilities that allow providers to grant intended customers access to files or entire folders on the network. Administrators will manage policies and rules for access both in and outside of the organization.

Robust, Permission-Based File Access

Create folders, upload/download multiple folders and files at once, rename, delete, copy and paste files and folders, along with search and filter options.

External User File Sharing

Securely share local files with users outside your network, through an intuitive web-based access portal.

>> Learn more about gaining remote access to your local file system with Aurora.


Align your network with next-level group storage management and access automation.

Real-Time Group Updates

Using active directory, Group Symmetry automatically adds and/or removes users according to existing policies and event-driven changes in network users' identities.

Network Groups Are Always Up-to-Date

Ensure that your organization's group membership is always accurate so that everyone is up to date.

Solve Potential Security and Compliance Risks

You can rely on Groupsymmetry to provide top notch security in your network groups by establishing rules within policies.

Eliminate Manual Group Management

Your IT staff doesn't have time for scripts and manual tasks, let Groupsymmetry manage your network groups.

>> Learn more about group storage management for better collaboration with Groupsymmetry


Keep your online message on-point, with 'hands-free' web page updating.

Serve Static Web Pages from Content on Your Network

By simply dropping content into a folder on the network, Pointspin updates and publishes the web page.

Enables Web Publishing for Users and Groups

Eliminating IT involvement, users and department groups can manage and publish their own web content.

Password Protected Access

Individuals can govern access to their pages by requiring a password to keep unwanted viewers restricted.

Simplify Administration

An encapsulated webserver engine simplifies administration while minimizing configuration and maintenance.

>> Learn more about simplified web publishing for groups, with Pointspin.


Easily connect Mac users to your Microsoft network storage.

Fully Automated User Access to Windows Home Folder and Group Shares.

Links to network storage are build dynamically based on the user's login identity.

Single Login Access and Automatic Storage Mounting

Access network storage through a single login and have your storage resources automatically mounted.

Password Change Functionality

Mac OS X users can change their Microsoft server password on the OS X platform. They can also view account information and monitor their storage quota.

Intuitive Dashboard Interface

This next-generation interface enables instant connectivity and completely eliminates the manual efforts currently required to achieve such an effective level of integration.

>> Learn more about getting your Mac users connected to Active Directory with Kanaka.

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