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Take Your Data To School

Data management is a daunting task for IT administrators in education. With admin to user ratios higher than in almost any other vertical market, the need for power and automation couldn't be greater. Whether it's a K-12 system faced with multiple campuses and a challenging user base or a Higher-Ed institution that has 25% of is user population turnover every year, providing effective and usable storage space for students, faculty, and administrators is a challenge. 

Gain the ability to target on-prem and cloud solutions for personal storage in the form of student lockers and classroom folders, where instructors and students securely manage assignments and turn in homework using network file storage. 

Many people stretch themselves thin by building and running production networks in education, that's why we've built solutions that address real IT problems! Ensure the security of your students' information and the effectiveness of your institution's data management.  

Solutions That Perform

File Analysis

Analyze, Manage and Secure Your Unstructured Data

Get graphical reports and identify access threats and major sources of ROT data. 


Analyze millions of files across many Petabytes of file storage along with its associated security and identity infrastructure. 


Provisioning, management and cleanup of the file storage, including student data, based on policies that you define surrounding identity, role, security, and turnover.  


Make sure your files and student data are secure and retained properly for compliance. Remove access threats and prevent them with security based on location, group collaboration, and role. 


With File Analysis, good data management practices can be implemented and enforced. 

Get a handle on your school's uncontrolled data growth with File Analysis. 

Data Lifecycle Management

Automated Provisioning, Quota Management and Retention for Compliance

Home folder and group storage provisioning for new users, relocation based on role and user data deletion when necessary.  


Provision personal, home directory and shared storage automatically based on role and group associations. Even have the data relocated based on student or FTE location. 


De-provision access that is no longer required, and establish rules for user data retention and deletion to meet FERPA guidelines. 

Reduced Costs

Easily apply storage quotas and reclaim storage by cleaning up data after student turnover. Reduce IT time spent moving, adding, changing and deleting student and FTE data. 

Make sure your users and their associated data are secure and managed properly. 

Secure Data Access

Manage and Enforce Data Access for your Storage Network

Ensure the right people have access to the right data, at the right time.

Remote Access

Gain remote access to your local storage network, maintaining the same defined security rights to user and group storage, through an intuitive web interface. 

Access Management

Manage and enforce access to your storage network based on user role and location, through authenticated Active Directory entry. 

Mac OS X

Connect your Mac users to Microsoft Active Directory, with identity-based user authentication, to home folders and collaborative storage resources through a one-time login. 

Manage and secure access to your network data, no matter the location or device. 

Collaboration Solutions

Extend the Collaboration Capabilities of your Users and Departments

Take a management weight off of IT, and empower your users to securely share their data. 

Remote Network Access

Gain remote access to your local storage network any time, maintaining the same defined security rights to user and group storage, through an intuitive web interface. 

Folder Sharing

Give internal users the ability to share defined access to a selected folder location on your storage network with external users, without compromising security and without IT intervention. 

Group Storage

Simplify group administration with automated, real-time group management that ensures accurate group membership and security.  

Your data is valuable, and should be shared! Do it securely with our collaboration solutions. 

Remote Access & Sharing Group Collaboration

Cloud Storage Management

Elevate Your Cloud Storage

Get the same powerful data analysis and management for your cloud storage.

Save Time for IT Staff

By using Senergy, migration and management tasks for cloud data are automated; saving valuable time and energy. 

Reduce Cloud Storage Costs

By identifying and only moving your mission-critical files, you can save money on potentially excessive cloud storage space. 

Enforce Data Compliance & Retention

Senergy enforces compliance to student data policies pertaining to access and retention through vaulting in the cloud.   

Move necessary data to the Cloud based on policy, and continue to manage it once it's there. 

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