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Condrey Corporation Once Again Listed in Gartner 2018 Market Guide for File Analysis Software.

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What can Senergy 6.0 do for you?

Empower Data Owners and Reduce IT Staff Workload

A new Data Owner Client provides a personal dashboard and framework for allowing owners control over managing their own data, while reducing the workload for a burdened IT Staff. 

Data Governance

Data access permissions need to be managed so that organizations are in compliance with industry and government regulations. 

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Still trying to move network data around using your workstation or scripts?  Let Senergy's Workload subsystem do the heavy lifting for you.

Additional Protection from Ransomware Attack

Will your most important files be protected when your organization is hit with a ransomware attack?  With Epoch Data Protection policies they will. 


Automated lifecycle management of data, data analysis and reporting for compliance, storage network migrations, and remote access to your local network are a few ways our software solutions can help you. 




Get an adaptive policy engine that automatically makes changes based on new and existing users and their data, surrounding storage and access. 


Analysis & Management

Analyze your network storage for orphaned, stale, and unsecure files, then apply policies for permission-based file management, storage archiving and retention for compliance. 


Access & Security

Whether you're accessing data locally, or remotely via our web-based solution Aurora, make sure that access rights are being governed correctly so that security is never in question. 


Cloud Integration

Using cloud storage gateway, automatically migrate network data to cloud storage for vaulting what's important, then access and manage it once it's there. 

A Family of Products

Our products work better together, streamlining the way you analyze, manage, access and secure your data.

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“Our industry requires complete adherence to regulations pertaining to data management including access permissions, security of personal information, and time specifications for retention and disposal of files. That’s why we rely on the comprehensive set of file management products from Condrey Corporation. From detailed reporting of our network files to automated management that enforces our policies, Condrey Corporation products provide us the information we need and the assurance that our data management policies are being enforced.”

Michael Bryan
Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer 
Veritex Community Bank

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