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Automated lifecycle management of data, data analysis and reporting for compliance, storage network migrations, and remote access to your local network are a few ways our software solutions can help you. 




Get an adaptive policy engine that automatically makes changes based on new and existing users and their data, surrounding storage and access. 


Analysis & Management

Analyze your network storage for orphaned, stale, and unsecure files, then apply policies for permission-based file management, storage archiving and retention for compliance. 


Access & Security

Controlled access rights for the right people, whether on-prem or remote.


Cloud Integration

Migrate your network to cloud storage for vaulting what's important, then securing and managing it once it's there. 

By The Numbers

Organizations are made up of people. People who work on projects and complete tasks by creating data.

This data can begin to clutter an organization's network if managed poorly, becoming unstructured and vulnerable.

It becomes exposed to security threats, requires more costly storage space and valuable time from IT staff to manage.  

Discover the power of our solutions, and gain the power to do more with your data. 

0,000 TB

Unstructured Data 


Hours Lost 


Dollars Spent


Security Threats

Condrey Corporation 

Newsletter Series 

Issue 2: Move From Data Negligence and Achieve Effective File Storage Management with File Analysis 

We're working with Gartner to bring you the research that guides top decision makers in major organizations towards more effective managment of their file storage. 

This issue will contain the information that infrastructure and operations leaders need to move away from data negligence, and towards effective file storage management. 

Trust us, a File Analysis market leader, to analyze and manage your growing volumes of network data.

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In case you missed Issue 1, it can still be found here!

*Link to Gartner research included


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Give your users secure, remote access to their local storage network through Aurora 2.0. Expand their collaboration capabilities with the folder sharing power of Aurora .Ext
Aurora 2.0
with .Ext for folder sharing
Let File Analysis be the life raft for your sea of data with analysis and reporting for better data management.
Drowning in Data?
Fight Data Glut!
Learn how File Analysis can help curb your data hoarding habits and clean up your network storage.

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